David Allen, productivity guru deluxe, has put together a cool model for measuring one's self-management (see below). Actually, what is really important about how Allen views the model below is that it is not rigid- we all move in and out of each quadrant depending on the issue, our frame of mind and the people we work with. That being said, we do have a certain profile, patterns that represent us more than others. Allen views this from the perspective of Control and Perspective. Have a look. I adopted this exercise for use in my managers mastermind group and it generated lively dialogue, meaningful introspection and conversation that cut through the "looking good" stuff to some core perspectives…

Also, be sure to check out the David Allen: What Kind of Self-Manager Are You? feature on the BNET website where you can find a lot more information on the 4 quadrants of The Self-Management Matrix.

The matrix contains 4 quadrants constucted on the axes of Control and Perspective.

The 4 Quadrants

1 // The Victim/Responder

A person who has little control and little perspective. At the mercy of outside forces. Operates in crisis mode. Deals with the latest and the loudest. Tries to just keep the ship afloat.

2 // The Micromanager/ Implementer

A person who operates with a high control factor, but lacks perspective. Inordinate emphasis on structure, process, and system. Tendency to overorganize.

3 // The Crazy Maker/Visionary

A person who has a high level of perspective, but a low level of control. Too many ideas on proportion to the amount they can get done. Takes on too many commitments. Their systems and behaviors are not functioning to capture and contain all of their creative output.

4 // The Captain & Commander

Incorporates a balance of perspective and structure, where an internal rather than an external source directs your energy and focus. Committed to a course and prepared to make the slightest corrections that may be required.

I can tell you one thing, that without a good handle on how to manage one 'self life can be pretty messy. There is a real art to this. No doubt a part of art of living that we don't always pay enough attention to.

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