I often find myself thinking about all those "sixties" people, who are all now pushing or well-passed age 60 themselves. As a child in the US of the "early seventies" myself, I can still remember how the "sixties" gang all seemed like a bunch of idealistic, courageous and a bit off- the-wall mentors to me. To be sure, they were not all of this mold and many only seemed to be so because they were "older" and I was "younger.

And today, long past the tumultuous days of that era, I often find myself wondering about what has passed on for good, what has been transformed and what is still "out there" waiting to be moved ahead, changed, evolved. Change the world? There is a quote that I love that always brings a few goose bumps to me….

A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove…but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child
Forest E. Witcraft

Witcraft, I have learned from the internet, was a scholar, teacher, and Boy Scout administrator who wrote these words in October 1950 issue of Scouting magazine.  It was a year in which the world was just starting to recover from the worst war in history and the Cold War was reaching fearful levels.

And I think to myself: I am neither a scholar nor a teacher nor a Boy Scout administrator. I have nothing in common with this Witcraft….and yet his words  always send me inside myself, my mind questioning if one can really change anything, anywhere and anyone in a world that is based on permanent change in and of itself. Do we really have the capacity to change the world? Or is this just a "passing phase of youth", a step towards "growing up".

Something tells me that I that this idea about "changing the world" is not going to leave my system, despite the years that tick by, not in this lifetime at least…but more and more the following quote brings light to my eyes:

"One person cannot change the world, but one can change the life of one person." Do you know who said that? According to the internet, it is "unknown". I like this "unknown" guy, he\she is really brilliant. Perhaps I will meet him or her one day.

And who is this one person anyway??

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