We are all aware of how difficult it is for people to make changes which of course includes accepting new ideas or even tolerating questions regarding old and "accepted" ideas. But are we aware of how often people "kill ideas" on a daily even hourly basis? Check and see what happens in your conversations with those close to you at home, those at work, telephone calls and even e mail and forum chatting? Believe me, you will be surprised if not shocked!

So it is, perhaps its essential human nature, perhaps the workings of our minds which are not mindful, or perhaps it is just plain habit. With that in mind, I would like to make some suggestions to those readers who find themselves challenged in this area at work, with an eye to new products, strategy or market research:

At every brainstorm and/or mastermind situation make everybody aware that there is no criticism allowed. That is a tough one for people to handle so if you need to do it professionally make sure you have a skilled facilitator or third party to run the session.

Be careful who you invite to such sessions…if your idea is young make sure you invite people positive on the idea to your brainstorming session and be aware of people who start by saying "I would like to be the devil's advocate….represent "reality"….While this has great value at a later stage of development it is a TERRIBLE thing to have at the early stages- a real idea killer!

When your idea is really new choose 5 people who like new ideas and general and share it with them privately, this will give you confidence to move on.

Where possible, invent a "pilot", even if it is not commercial because there is no better learning than actually doing the thing itself and seeing what comes out! Make it short and sweet, though, so you don't get bogged down in the pilot stuff and away from the "real stuff".

And remember: every new idea began somewhere else, not necessarily in your brain and on your hard disk. As such it will keep changing and developing as such is the world and that is a fact that you can either leverage or resist- I suggest you leverage and build it! One never knows the power that one idea can bring to someone, something, somewhere in the world…keep on moving!

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